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Hip and Knee Testimonial

Ray Tomb (Hip and Knee)

Life Rebuilt — New Knees, New Hips, and a New Outlook

Fifty-seven-year-old dentist Ray Tomb is a new man — from the hips down that is. Since he had both knees and hips replaced six years ago, friends, colleagues, and patients can’t believe how well he gets around.

Knock-kneed since childhood, Ray didn’t let an increasingly awkward gait, or knees that touched when he faced forward, stop him from playing racquetball, football, wrestling, or golf. But the intense groin pain that hit in his late 40s did. The diagnosis: avascular necrosis. The added pressure from his knee structure had been destroying his hips. His surgeon had to straighten his knees and even out his legs before repairing them.

At 51, he had three surgeries — one for both Scorpioâ knee implants, and one for each Trident® ceramic-on-ceramic hip — and was rehabilitated and walking the golf course within eight months. His swing has shifted from all arms back to his hips, and his game is better than ever. He swims and takes walks with his family on vacation instead of sitting things out. “I’ve just totally rebuilt my life,” says Ray.

His patients, impressed with his recovery, seem to be following in his reconstructed footsteps. At least 10 have had either hips or knees replaced by the same surgeon. Several have also had both knees done at once, and couldn’t be happier. Like Ray, they claim it’s the best thing they could have done to bring back their quality of life.

Results not typical and may vary by individual. Not all patients will reach the same activity level.

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