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Brenda Jackson (Knee)

From Falling to Strolling: EUIS® Knee Puts New Spring in 51-Year-Old’s Step

Ever since she broke her kneecap at age 13, Brenda Jackson’s knee has been a problem. By her mid 30s, it was a constant annoyance. Through her 40s, her knee would swell, pop, lock, cramp, and often give out — a potentially dangerous situation. When, at 51, her knee suddenly let go and she hit her head against a screw on the basement wall, she ended up with three stitches and a firm date for implant surgery.

Her EIUS® unicondylar, or partial, knee from Stryker Orthopaedics has her back in higher heels and taking on stairs with confidence for the first time in years. “I used to be able to hear myself walking,” says Brenda. “It was like somebody gritting their teeth and it really got on my nerves.” Now, she is walking quietly, painlessly, and in stylish shoes she can actually fit into since the swelling went away.

Brenda had put off surgery until she could no longer stand the pain or risk falling again and not getting up. Now, she wonders what took her so long. She says she would tell anyone in her situation to “go for it.” She’s glad she did.

Results not typical and may vary by individual. Not all patients will reach the same activity level.