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Errol Smith (Knee)

More Movement, More Quickly, Less Pain: A Winning Equation for Minimally Invasive Total Knee Recipient

Now that 62-year-old Errol Smith has had minimally invasive total knee surgery, he can’t imagine any other way. After recovering from his June 2004 Scorpio® implant much more quickly and with less pain than his other knee in 1999, he predicts minimally invasive becoming the way of the future.

The first few months made the difference. “Once the first knee healed, it was great,” says Errol. “But with a much smaller incision, I didn’t need as much pain medication, and my hospital stay was two days versus five. I was able to walk on my knee immediately after waking up and do a lot of things sooner.”

For instance, three months post-surgery he joined his wife, a military officer stationed in Kuwait, for “R&R” in Europe, where they hiked trails and walked through pedestrian-friendly cities. A retired teacher and publishing house editor, Errol now concentrates on remodeling his house and making the most of all of his surgeries, including a double heart bypass.

“I ought to be in good shape for a while if I just maintain it,” he says. “It was hard with my aching knee. Now I can use a cross trainer and walk at least nine holes of golf.” He adds, “I tell people that nature’s not going to reverse it. Shark pills and other ‘natural’ treatments will not reverse the damage, whether it’s from an injury, old age, or osteoarthritis. The sooner you have joint replacement surgery the more quickly you can recover. Why wait?”

Results not typical and may vary by individual. Not all patients will reach the same activity level.