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Knee Testimonials

Jim Baty (Knee)

Catch Him if You Can: Scorpio Knees Give Electrician/Farmer New Lease on Life

Now that Jim Baty, 55, is back in action, his wife says it’s rare to find him sitting down. After years of being in so much pain that he had to sleep in a chair, Jim seems intent to stay out of one.

Four days after surgery to replace both severely arthritic knees with Scorpio® Single Axis Total Knee systems, Jim felt well enough to attend an employee’s wedding. Six days after surgery he drove his pickup truck. And in less than two weeks he rode a four-wheeler and a skid loader on his 670 acres of farmland. Within three months, Jim went back to work as an electrical contractor — crawling on his knees, climbing ladders, and pushing his son, who is also his business partner, to keep up with him.

Jim had been living with bad knees for about 15 years. When the cortisone shots, glucosamine, Synvisc, and pain killers that had been keeping him going stopped working, Jim knew he had to “do something” to keep his life, livelihood, and sanity on track. Once his surgeon told him the Scorpio® knee could get him back to working, hunting, walking, bicycling, and being active in general, he didn’t hesitate to act.

“There’s practically nothing I can’t do right now,” says Jim. “I attribute all my success to the Scorpio® knee and to my surgeon. If I had known the outcome would be like this, I’d have had the surgery 10 years ago. This is truly the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Results not typical and may vary by individual. Not all patients will reach the same activity level.