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Hip Testimonials

Rich Haydinger (Hip)

Trident® Hip Recipient Limps No More

Rich Haydinger used to think a serious hip problem would show on the outside. So he lived with pain and limited mobility in his right hip until friends with experience told him he’d feel it “on the inside.” Still, he waited until he couldn’t stand it anymore to schedule the hip replacement he knew was inevitable.

“I would have to bend over so far I’d get abdominal cramps because I couldn’t lift my leg up and cross it to put socks on,” says Rich. “And I started wearing loafers all the time so I didn’t have to tie shoes. Remember Chester from ‘Gunsmoke?’ He’d drag a leg and say, ‘Wait for me, Marshall Dillon.’ That’s what I felt like.”

At 61, he learned an old football injury was the root of his calcium deposits, arthritis, and bone chips. After receiving a Trident® hip with a titanium stem from “the best surgeon [he] could find,” Rich put his faith in his orthopaedic team — doctors, nurses, physical therapists — and his own hard work to regain basic function. Now, after religiously following his physical therapy program, he doesn’t need regular doses of Motrin to get through his day anymore. He can easily put his socks on, walk up stairs, and drive his car to oversee the apartment buildings he owns, manages, builds, and rehabs with his three sons. With no more pain and all gain, he’s moving on.

Results not typical and may vary by individual. Not all patients will reach the same activity level.

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