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Richard Sloan (Hip)

“We Got Our Lives Together Back” — Active Couple Appreciates Trident® Hips

Old age, extra weight, arthritis — for years, 52-year-old Richard Sloan attributed the pain, tightness, and limited movement in his hips to anything that didn’t require total hip surgery. “The idea of total hip surgery was horrifying,” says Richard. “I thought, ‘That’s a big deal. That only happens to really old people.’ ”

So, while his wife, Kathy, an orthopaedic operating room nurse, rallied for hip replacement, Richard tried everything else to postpone the inevitable. He exercised through the pain, hid how much it hurt to hike, took three or four aspirins a day, and used burning analgesics to mask the “shards of glass” shooting through his joints. Rooster comb and cortisone injections offered only short-term relief.

Then, he read an article in USA Today about young people benefiting from the long-term potential of ceramics. “That’s what I wanted to hear,” says Richard. Two Trident® hip replacement surgeries later, Richard, a freelance writer and long-time “newspaper guy” wishes every hip pain sufferer knew what he knows now. “My wife and I can go dancing, walking, and traveling again,” says Richard. “I’m feeling just incredible.”

He mentioned his hips in a local newspaper article and will approach other publications, too. Kathy hopes spouses will take notice. “Patients aren’t the only ones affected,” she says. “While Richard was dealing with his hips, our lives together were basically taken away. When he got his total hips, he didn’t just get his life back, we got our lives back. We’re having so much fun. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that.”

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