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Sophie Webster (Knee)

New Knee Brings Renewed Ability to 54-Year-Old Hospital Worker

At 54, Sophie Webster was too young for total disability. For years she had gotten by on her painful leg — avoiding stairs and taking lots of ibuprofen. Finally, when the swelling in her knee didn’t go down after three days of rest and elevation, she felt it was time to act.

Within three months, she had been diagnosed with noninflammatory degenerative arthritis and scheduled for surgery. Now that her surgeon has replaced her bone-on-bone joint with a Stryker EIUS® unicompartmental knee, she is back on her feet and back to business. Sophie believes her faith is what saw her through her surgery and continues to guide her as she heals.

A registered central service technician for 34 years, Sophie spends hours standing, sterilizing medical instruments, and stocking hospital floors with patient supplies. Working with her supervisor, she was always saying, “Let’s catch the elevator.” Now when her boss goes for the elevator, Sophie says, “No, let’s walk down instead.” And that is an ability she is most grateful for.

Results not typical and may vary by individual. Not all patients will reach the same activity level.